B&S and Alibaba connect European sellers with the Chinese market

We make entering new markets simple. By establishing a strong relationship with Alibaba, we bring leading European brands to the thriving Chinese market. As a trusted supplier, Alibaba relies on B&S to expand their assortment with high-demand products, while our partners enjoy the endless opportunities of entering this exciting market.


About alibaba

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce reseller in China, serving 900 million customers. They rose to extraordinary heights by making it easy to sell your products anywhere. Even for European sellers, who have traditionally experienced significant barriers to entering the Chinese market. This is made possible by Alibaba's partnerships with global experts in cross border distribution, like B&S.

The challenge

Chinese demand for imported products from Europe has traditionally been strong. As

COVID-19 halted international travel, Chinese consumers turned to Alibaba's Tmall Global and

Kaola platforms to purchase European products. Until recently, European sellers faced many

barriers to entry. To respond to consumer demand, Alibaba sought to expand its assortment of

premium European products. To do so, they needed a partner that could provide both top

sellers and unique long-tail offerings and ship products quickly and reliably to their customers.

The process

Alibaba chooses their partners carefully. Over the years, we already built a strong B2B relationship with Alibaba. To expand our partnership with B2C e-commerce services, we worked closely to develop a model that connects European sellers with Chinese customers in a hassle-free manner.

The key ingredients for this model were already there. an IT backbone that connects seamlessly with Alibaba's systems, our long-tail assortment of unique products, advanced warehousing and distribution capabilities for fast delivery to any location, and expert customs and regulatory expertise for a smooth flow of goods across borders.

By connecting our proprietary IT backbone to the Alibaba platform, Chinese customers gained instant access to thousands of SKUs of their favourite European brands. Within two months, we connected our systems to begin providing dropshipping services through the Tmall & Kaola Overseas Fulfilment (TKOF) model, also known as the Global Discovery Model.

The result

Sellers enter the Chinese markets hassle-free

With the implementation of the Global Discovery Model, overseas sellers can now enter the Chinese market with ease. By partnering with B&S, you can begin selling your products to Chinese consumers almost instantly. That is a big deal, because Alibaba has strict onboarding requirements that many sellers are not able to meet. As a trusted supplier, Alibaba gives B&S partners easy access to their platforms. Brands of any size can now enter this thriving market by joining our network.

Thousands of products ship quickly

Thanks to our advanced warehousing and distribution technologies, Chinese customers receive their order in no time. Our robotised warehouses automatically process any order submitted through TKOF, providing rapid access to our long-tail assortment of more than 8,000 beauty products and 2,500 liquor products.

Alibaba can tailor its offering to consumer demand by accessing our real-time inventory data

A custom API connection helps Alibaba respond to consumer demand. It allows Alibaba to view our in-stock assortment in real-time to instantly begin selling those products to their customers.

We make entering new markets simple
Thanks to our partnership with Alibaba, we are able to offer new routes to market for brands and suppliers. We leverage our key strengths to simplify the supply chain for our customers, expand their reach, while bringing the best European brands to Chinese customers.